Matar Pest Control, Rodent Control

Rodents are a major problem as they have the potential to spread diseases like the plague and typhus; they also contaminate food, and gnaw through walls and electrical wiring causing structural damage. They can cause major infestations in a matter of months with their ability to breed extremely quickly.

Treatment for the Rodents:

1. We will perform a free and thorough rodent inspection of your property to determine the best mode of action for controlling the infestation.

2. We will perform exclusion service around the property, this will include caulking or installing products to seal any holes or gaps that rodents could use to gain access into the building

3. We will set baits and traps around the property as needed to monitor and control the pest populations

4. We will give recommendations on sanitary needs to eliminate sources that would attract the rodents to the structure.

5. We will continue monitoring and perform maintenance on all treatment products to ensure the effectiveness of the rodent control