Matar Pest Control, Property Protection Plan

Property Protection plan:Our main goal as a pest control company is to provide protection for your property and investments. In order to best protect your property we recommend enrolling in our property protection plan.

This is a comprehensive pest control program that will protect your property from the outside in.

Initial inspection:

A Certified technician will come out and inspect the property.

  1. They will inspect for general pest, wood destroying pest, flies, ticks, and any wild life.
    1. If activity is found then we will set up an initial treatment to rid your property of this pest.
    2. If no activity is found we will set up a protective plan preventing any future invaders.


  1. We will perform barrier treatments around outside of the property to control and prevent any future invaders every two month.
  2. Starting in March we will begin treatments for MOSQUITOES and Ticks. Every month till November
  3. We will provide exclusion services. This means sealing any holes we find in your property that pest could be entering through.
  4. Upon request we will also service the interior of your property if needed at NO additional charg