Matar Pest Control, Bed Bugs

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are among the most stubborn of pests, year round. These reddish brown or mahogany insects range in size from about ¼-3/8 inch and waned after the increased use of DDT during the World War II era. However, these pests have resurged due to the banning of many harsh chemicals and a resistance to current chemicals.

Whether or not a victim notices bites, welts or other associated bed bug symptoms, scientists have discovered these pests can carry at least 28 different human pathogens and can carry Hepatitis B, as the virus has been found in bed bug droppings.

While no home, hotel or business is completely immune to them, Matar Pest Control can keep bed bugs at bay and offer families and proprietors the peace of mind they need when it comes to health, safety and inspections.

The Matar Method for Bed Bugs

Here’s what sets The Matar Method apart: we offer several approaches to confirm or dismiss the indication of bed bug infestation through K9 bed bug detection, bait methods and DNA testing, followed by eco-friendly conventional or heat treatment.

K9 Bed Bug Detection

Because of their keen sense of smell, a K9 presents a significant advantage to detection and elimination of bed bugs. But eradicating these stubborn pests mandates the proper identification of them and the infested areas.

Larger bed bugs are typically visible while bed bug nymphs and eggs are practically undetectable to the naked eye particularly in nascent infestations. As such, detection dogs can uniquely and expediently pinpoint bed bugs with minimal disruption to the day-to-day activities of your home, office or hotel room.

Matar Pest Control collaborates with National Entomology Scent Detection Canine-certified, thorough, reliable and confidential detection dog experts who ensure the K9s stayed trained, sharp and focused on their mission to offer the most accurate location of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.

DNA Bed Bug Detection Testing

The Matar Method in DNA testing is particularly advantageous in condominiums, apartments, hotels, hostels and other larger buildings where bed bugs can move among units.

Matar Pest Control has made significant investments in DNA research and detection to efficiently and effectively screen for a hidden bed bug problem. This innovative approach can produce samples in mere minutes of a tested area, which can typically yield results within 24 hours.

Not only can The Matar Method save you money by simultaneously and expediently sampling multiple units, but our periodic preventative screenings can stop a bed bug problem before it even emerges.

Whether you’re buying a home, offering lodging, or wanting to ensure non-residential areas such as storage units and warehouses are bed bug free, let Matar Pest Control help.

Beg Bug Conventional Treatment

If bed bugs have been detected, let’s take action to rid them. Unless otherwise requested by our clients, Matar Pest Control uses only eco-friendly, non-residual materials tailored to the specifications of the affected area. Harmless to humans and pets, the substance dehydrates bed bugs, prevents molting, and can easily be applied to the cracks and crevices in which they hide.