Matar Pest Control, Retail

In retail it is very important to have a trustworthy pest professional on your team. With the amount of customers that come in and out of your business every day you don’t want to have your reputation ruined from pest sightings. Let us provide you with a service you can trust to keep pests from affecting your business:

Our technicians will start with an inspection of your property to understand the pests that are affecting your property. Based on the findings after this inspection the pest professional will work with you to build a protection plan that best suits your property. This Retail Pest Control plan will include recommendations for better sanitation and ways to better exclude pests from your property. This requires the owner to work with the technician to increase the effectiveness of our integrated pest management approach. Your regular pest service could include: Crawling insects (ex. Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Centipedes), Rodents, and other invaders.

On top of your routine pest protection we can provide you with services such as:

Retail Pest Control Exclusion -We will work with you to help seal off any entry points that would make for easy access to pests.

Fly control- We will inspect your property and provide a program that is specific to your needs based on the species of flies that have been found.