Matar Pest Control, Termite Access

Termites live in colonies in the soil and have the ability of attacking a structure at any time while on the hunt for wood. They cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year in America.

Termites can cost homeowners a lot of money considering most home owners insurance does not cover the cost of repairs after termite damage. Let us put your mind at ease and keep your property protected with our termite warranty.

We will:

  1. Provide a free Termite Control Inspection of your property for possible signs of termite infestation
  • If an infestation is found we will provide a number of options for treatment specific to your property to rid your investment of these invaders.
    1. Install termite baits in the soil around the property-
      • These baits are environmentally friendly and will slowly eliminate the whole colony as the workers feed these baits to other termites in the colony.
      • We can also install these baits as a protection barrier for the house when no activity is currently seen. With our Termite Control plan, these baits will be monitored every 4 months to ensure no termite activity occurs on your property.
      • If activity is found monitoring baits will be switched with treated baits to begin the elimination of the colony.

Other Termite Control Information:

  1. Our other option is soil injection treatments around the house. These are non-deterrent treatments that will kill the termites that travel through the treated soils. These are not as environmentally friendly as baits but are an effective way to kill the colony quickly.
  1. Once we are completed with the treatment or if no evidence is found during inspection on your property we will provide you with our warrantee. This ensures that your property is protected through our company and if you happen to get termites within the year of your warranty we will treat your home to rid your property of the infestation at no cost to you.

Each year we will perform another Termite Control inspection to ensure that your home or property is still termite free. If termites are found at this time we will treat your home to quickly eliminate termites at no additional cost to you. As long as you keep our Guarantee you are covered against the cost of termite treatments.