Matar Pest Control, Mosquito Control

Mosquito Treatment:

Initial inspection:

  1. 1. A certified technician will first come out and inspect the entire property for the specific species of mosquito or other biting insect to determine the cause of the problem and where the insects are breeding and resting.
  2. 2. Additional service:
    • We will set a trap to catch insects that would feed on humans. We will then easily be able to identify the species of mosquitoes located on your property.
    • If requested specimens found at the location can be sent to the lab to be tested for pathogens the mosquito could possibly be carrying


Based on the findings after inspection the trained technician will determine the best mode of treatment for the property:

  1. 1. The technician will provide recommendations for eliminating standing water on the property
  1. 2. If removal of the standing water is not possible: the technician will treat the water with an all-natural product to control the larval form of the mosquito.
  2. 3.After eliminating the possible sources on the property the technicians will use a barrier application to keep mosquitoes from other properties out. This application will be applied to non- flowering bushes and trees, under decks, on fences, and around doorways and windows. The barrier will consist of an all-natural product that is safe around pets and children.

The technician will perform treatments on the property on a monthly basis from March until November to ensure control of mosquitoes throughout their entire season.

Please understand that while the technician will do his best to eliminate all of the breeding sites on your property it is still very important to dump standing water on your property on a weekly basis to ensure mosquitoes do not develop. If mosquitoes are breeding on the homeowners property the barrier application performed around the property will simply trap those mosquitoes inside.