Matar Pest Control, About Us

The Matar Group is a family run business with an expertise in the development and manufacturing of a variety of products. The company, founded in 1920 quickly became a leading manufacturer of soaps, detergents and edible refined oils in the Middle East and Lebanese market. In the 1960s Matar Chemical & Pest control was the first Professional Pest control company to provide services in Doha Qatar

The company expanded its research centers to the United States in 1980’s. In 1986 Matar Chemical Group International was registered in the United States to conduct further research and studies in the Pest Control field.

In 1991, The Alexandria, Virginia cooperation was formed to supply and serve the Metropolitan community with the most innovative products and environmental strategies in the Pest control field. From 1992 to 1996, further studies and researches conducted in the field of Toxicology, methods of Analysis, and identifying compounds.

Matar Pest Control is a Family owned and operated, its members are trained chemist, toxicologist, entomologist, environmentalist, and successful business leaders. They continue to reside in Alexandria, VA and Doha Qatar. The parent company, Matar Group, remains active in chemicals, pest control research, development and DNA testing, with laboratories located in key global markets including United States, and Qatar